Hospice at Home Referral

Service Description

Hospice at Home provides care and support to patients with a high level of need for the last days of life to enable them to stay in their usual place of residence. The service is provided by a combination of senior healthcare assistants and registered nurses. Our shifts vary in length between 7.5-10 hours and can cover a 24 hour period. Care is planned daily on a needs-led basis.

Referral criteria

  • Prognosis: less than 2 weeks
  • Care needs not fully met by other agencies.
  • Patients and carers understand and agree to the service.
  • Adequate seating and comfort facilities available for use by Hospice staff.
  • Other care providers informed about Hospice at Home input.
  • Appropriate equipment in place/on order.

Referrer confirms or requests the following updated documents:

  • Lone working hazards identified and risk assessment completed, as indicated.
  • Care plan, SSKIN bundle, Mobility assessment should all be completed on EMIS
  • DNACPR FORM /Respect form
  • Just in Case medication, prescription chart and syringe pump equipment (if required)

NB Existing package of care must remain in place as care from Hospice at Home is a short term service.

Referral Forms

Download the Hospice at Home referral form using this link.