How We Are Funded

How we are funded

We are a local charity and all of our care is provided free of charge. However, it costs us around £25,650* a day to provide that care.

We rely on the following income to fund our services.

  • About £5,800 comes from the NHS
  • In the last financial year around £1,950 was funded by COVID related Government Grants
  • For the remaining £17,900 we rely on Gifts in Wills, donations, our shops and other income
  • Every day we rely on supporters to leave us £7,400 as Gifts in Wills
  • Every day we rely on your fundraising activities to raise £4,400
  • Every day we rely on people like you to donate and buy so our shops can raise £4,800

*Figures are for the 2019/2020 financial year

Income chart

"Last year we faced the extraordinary challenge of sustaining our patient and family services in the midst of a pandemic, while suffering a dramatic loss of income from the closure of our shops and fundraising events. However, with your support we were able to continue our vital care to patients and their families." CEO Frank looks back at last year