Fatigue and


Service Description

We are very pleased to be able to offer 1:1 bespoke phone appointments to provide a range of strategies to that can be used in daily life to reduce the impact of fatigue and breathlessness.

A series of phone calls will be provided for education and advice, discussing techniques to help with managing the symptoms of breathlessness and coping with fatigue.

Information will be provided in advance of these appointments and then specific issues can be discussed with patient and carer.

By focusing on a patient's priorities and setting meaningful goals we hope to give a sense of purpose while coping with the life limiting conditions experienced.

This can be followed up with a small group via zoom for mutual support.

Referral Criteria

The patient is suffering from fatigue and/or shortness of breath, due to a chronic long term condition or malignancy that is life limiting.

Referral Process

Patients can benefit from our FAB support without a general referral to the Hospice. This means that the patient will not be receiving on-going Hospice services.


We have a range of resources to support people who are living with fatigue and breathlessness. Please find our information sheets and audio resources here

Nurse with a patient

Referral Forms

To refer to the Fatigue and Breathlessness Course, please download the forms via the links below.