Emotional & Psychological Support Referral

Service description

The service offers support to patients under the care of the Hospice and to their carers and family members. The team will see people individually or in any type of family group and will work with any age group including young children.

We can support adults who have a responsibility for children and young people, helping with what to say to them and how to support them through the period of someone being ill and on in to the bereavement period.

Once referred, the person will have an assessment appointment, following which they will be allocated to a therapist, a student therapist on placement or a volunteer; whoever the team feel is most appropriate. We can offer a range of creative arts therapies including music therapy, mindfulness and body based practices as well as the traditional listening therapies. Sessions can be delivered at the Hospice, over the telephone or through a video link.

Referral criteria

  • Patients under the care of the Hospice
  • Family members and carers of patients who are eligible for support by the Hospice but who decline that support.
  • People who have been bereaved where the person who died was under the care of the Hospice. There is no limit as to how long in to the bereavement they are, as long as their issues are associated with the death of the person under our care.

Referral process

  • Patients, relatives and carers and the bereaved can refer themselves by calling 0117 915 9454.

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