Workshops for Support Workers

We offer a series of workshops aimed at health and social care support workers in care homes, the community and hospital settings. The series of 5 workshops will cover the principles of End of Life Care. All workshops run from 1.15pm - 4.15pm via Zoom and are £30 per person, per workshop.

Workshop 1- End of Life Care (last few spaces remaining)

1st November 2021

Define End of Life Care

Consider the needs of dying people

Holistic management of common symptoms at end of life

Workshop 2- Communication at End of Life (Fully booked)

8th November 2021

Why are end of life conversations difficult?

How do we encourage and support people to talk to us?

Advance Care planning- what is it, and how do we share information

Workshop 3- Nutrition, food and drink at End of Life (Fully booked)

15th November 2021

Consider the nutritional needs of people approaching end of life

How can we support people to eat and drink

Holistic management of breathlessness

Nurse arriving at a patient's home

Two people holding hands

Workshop 4- Loss, Grief and Bereavement (Fully booked)

22nd November 2021

Understanding the impact of loss and grief on individuals approaching end of life.

Identifying ways to support individuals through the process of loss and grief.

Recognising own needs in relation to loss and grief, how to support self. 

Workshop 5- Dementia at End of Life (Fully booked)

29th November 2021

Dementia is the UK’s leading cause of death, this workshop will look at how you can support people with dementia.

Defining dementia and the common types of dementia.

Recognising the principles of end of life person-centred care for people with dementia

How to recognise pain, and how this can be managed

Consider the needs of carers and how to support them.

To book, please contact the Education Department stating your name, job title, organisation and source of funding.