Three Day End of Life Care Course

Currently held virtually via Zoom, we offer two courses aimed at increasing skills and knowledge in End of Life Care.

These courses are informed by End of Life Care Core Skills Education and Training Framework 2017 (HEE, Skills for Health, Skills for Care) and support the National Framework: Ambitions for Palliative and End of Life Care 2015-2020.

Practitioner Level course: Principles & Practice of Symptom Management in End of Life Care

Our three-day Practitioner Level course is available to Registered Practitioners working across disciplines and clinical settings and is designed to develop knowledge and confidence in the management of symptoms at end of life. It is aimed at Registered Practitioners working regularly with individuals at end of life in the community, hospital and hospice settings. This course is delivered by end of life care experts, using a range of teaching strategies including case studies.

Course content

  • Understanding the principles of assessment and symptom management in end of life care
  • Holistic assessment skills
  • Management of common symptoms at end of life
  • Pharmacological and non-pharmacological support strategies
  • End of life care emergencies
  • Recognising last days of end of life

Available dates

Option 1 (on site)

5th July 2022

12th July 2022

21st July 2022


Option 2 (on site)

29th September 2022

6th October 2022

13th October 2022


Each day runs from 9.30am to 4.30pm

£325 per person

Course educator

Course attendee

Assistant Level course

Our Assistant Level course is open to HCAs, Nursing Auxiliaries and Senior Carers. With health care assistants and senior carers increasingly at the forefront of delivering end of life care, this three-day course provides an opportunity to develop invaluable knowledge, understanding and skills for work in end of life care.

Course objectives

The carer will be able to recall the core principles of end of life care that enhance the care given during this time, and use tools and frameworks to support this care.

They will be able to identify when a person is coming towards end of life and be able to assess and respond appropriately and responsibly (within their role) to changes in symptoms and nursing care needs.

They will develop communication skills around caring for people experiencing loss and strong emotion, and they will feel confident selecting strategies to respond to these situations.

Course content

Under review

Available dates

Dates to be announced