Living Well Programme

Our Living Well programme

The Living Well programme is designed to help patients adjust to and live well with a progressive life limiting illness. It is an eight-week programme for 2 hours per week, held in a positive and active environment.

Each weekly session covers a different topic consisting of: 

  • Week 1: Coping Well 
  • Week 2: Sleeping and Resting Well 
  • Week 3: Looking and Feeling Well 
  • Week 4: Moving Well 
  • Week 5: Eating Well 
  • Week 6: Planning Well 
  • Week 7: Remembering Well 
  • Week 8: Talking Well

The session structure covers a small amount of theory with an activity related to the theme of that week. There are regular mindfulness therapeutic rest breaks, and our complementary therapists and spiritual care team will be on hand.

These sessions are for patients only, but carers can visit the coffee shop at the Hospice while the group is taking place.

How to attend

Please talk to your GP or health professional and discuss a referral to the programme if you are not already under the care of the Hospice, otherwise, please talk to your Community Nurse Specialist.

"The fact that we're sharing the experience we've had is very useful, it's a deep and personal dialogue about very difficult situations." Andrew's story