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Fatigue & Breathlessness Support

We are very pleased to be able to offer 1:1 bespoke phone appointments to provide a range of strategies to that can be used in daily life to reduce the impact of fatigue and breathlessness.

A series of phone calls will be provided for education and advice, discussing techniques to help with managing the symptoms of breathlessness and coping with fatigue.

Information will be provided in advance of these appointments and then specific issues can be discussed with you and your carer.

By focusing on your priorities and setting meaningful goals we hope to give you a sense of purpose while coping with the life limiting conditions you are experiencing.

This can be followed up with a small group via zoom for mutual support.

What is fatigue and breathlessness?

Fatigue is the feeling of extreme tiredness or exhaustion all or most of the time. It can feel overwhelming and unrelenting and it is often not improved by rest. Breathlessness (sometimes called dyspnoea) is difficult, laboured and uncomfortable breathing. It can be both frightening and overwhelming and may be caused by a combination of physical and psychological factors.

Common features

For some people, the symptoms are very mild and do not interfere much with daily life. For others it can be very disruptive. If you experience one or more of the following symptoms, you will benefit from attending this course.

  • General tiredness and a feeling of having no energy
  • Breathlessness after only minimal exertion
  • Even the smallest chore feels like an enormous challenge
  • Difficulty remembering or making decisions
  • Irritability with family and friends
  • Feelings of panic with shortness of breath
  • Problems with sleep

What previous patients have said

"Useful to be given tips on planning ahead and how moderating activity helps cope with fatigue"
"It is unusual to treat fatigue in such a way; it has been really helpful"
"Nice to know there are things I can do to help myself"
"I know that it does make a difference when I do the exercises - I feel I can do more around the house"

Need to know more?

Please talk to your GP or health professional and discuss a referral to the team if you are not already under the care of the Hospice, otherwise, please talk to your Community Nurse Specialist.

Additional resources

We've produced a set of pdf and audio files with practical tips and suggestions to help you manage living with fatigue and breathlessness.

Fatigue and Breathlessness resources