Sandra Evans

1947 - 2014

Sandra was a friend and work colleague who always wore a cheery smile and made us laugh. Sandra and her family received comfort and support from the Hospice during her final days.

Sandra Evans Currently raised: £2796


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David Miles

05 Nov 2013

My thoughts are with Salehs family, friends and close work colleagues as we all adjust to him not being with us. However, am sure he would be saying, that in time we should...<br /> <br /> 'Feel no guilt in laughter, I know how much you care. Feel no sorrow in a smile that I'm not here to share. (Remember) a time, an hour, a day that brings me back as clearly as though I were still here, and fills you with the feelings that I am always near...'<br /> <br /> You will not be forgotten Saleh.

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