Mary Kesby

1940 - 2020

Although Mary never went into St Peter’s Hospice - we benefited greatly from the support and advice they gave us at home. St Peter’s is a fantastic organisation and Mary would love to know that those wishing to mark her passing did so by supporting their invaluable work. In years to come, we know that many other families will go through what we have experienced in the past several months and that St Peter’s will be there to support them as they have supported us.

Mary Kesby Currently raised: £540 Target: £200 Donate


Latest comments

Krisztina Satori

03 Jan 2021

Michael Earle

02 Jan 2021

In loving memory of Mary - a wonderful Christian, who was a shining example to us all

Catherine Hunt

21 Dec 2020

in memory of a very dear lady xxxxxxxx

philip hamlin

20 Dec 2020

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