Maggie Shapland

1946 - 2020

Tribute fund on memory of Maggie Shapland, who died peacefully at home on October 1st.

Maggie Shapland Currently raised: £855 Target: £100 Donate


Latest comments

Andrew Shapland (1)

22 Dec 2020

Clare Ablett

24 Oct 2020

For the kindness and sympathy shown to her throughout her last year - from her sister

Sal Allman

23 Oct 2020

Donation from Sal and contributions from some who gathered at Top Station on Tuesday 20 October for Maggie's farewell.

Kirsty France

22 Oct 2020

Maggie was such an exceptional person, it's hard to believe she is gone. She was friendly and immediately included in her gang anyone who wanted to be there. She made an incredible impression and made me realise that many of the limitations I had thought about myself were just completely imaginary. I am so pleased that she received the brilliant acre of the St Peters team.

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