1966 - 2021

I am still here I am still here My body may fade but I will still be In this beautiful place And wherever you need me. Visit me from time to time Tell me a joke, moan about the weather Talk to me about your life And I will listen For I am still here. Love and laughter Count more than all else So love fiercely, make each other laugh And I will be here, in your love and your laughter. Now go eat, drink and be merry, Do all the things I love Play all the songs Take me with you and dance with me For I am still here And always will be.

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Manjit Bram

22 Apr 2022

Thinking of you all, love from The Bram family x

Sophie Hazelton

10 Dec 2021

Airi Visser

10 Dec 2021

Kwame Hartley

28 Jun 2021

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