1947 - 2015

Carol, friend to many, mum to Rachel and Rebecca, wife of John. Portugal will miss their winter resident, France their summer visitor and the many countries visited through the years just following the road to the next free camp.

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Rebecca Martin (1)

22 Dec 2023

The years keep rolling by but it doesn't get any easier without you. I'll never stop missing you and wishing you were still with us. Love always.

Rachel Everitt (1)

18 Dec 2023

Another Christmas without you. your grand daughters all grown up and adults now, you missed so much leaving us so early..

Rebecca Martin

22 Dec 2022

Always in our hearts and minds. Happy Christmas Mum.

Rachel Everitt

18 Dec 2022

There are so many things that we could spend money on this christmas but the presence of you would be greater than than the presents we buy so this year we are dedicating present money instead of your presence money

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