Brian Pearson

1935 - 2016

For our wonderful Dad who worked tirelessly to achieve more all through his life. He spent almost 60 years with Mum, had two children and four wonderful grandchildren who have achieved so much and made him very proud. A truly wonderful legacy.

Dad started life with very little and gave his all to everything he did. He passed his 11 plus and went to grammar school, because of this dedication and commitment. He juggled studies and work, often working days and some nights when he needed to, to be the very best he could be. He was always known to be fit and active and enjoyed all types of sports. When he retired at 53 from his job as a senior lecturer this gave him more time to spend time doing the sports he loved. From table tennis, to Tennis, to Cricket, and cycling. He also went swimming regularly and loved relaxing in the sauna afterwards, and made many friends at Redwood Lodge and latterly at Backwell Leisure Centre. Mum and him had many lovely holidays, and we shared many as a family. Malta was a particular favourite of his, and to celebrate Mum's 60th they went on a cruise. He also made lots of friends through his work and hobbies and enjoyed watching Football and Cricket, ideally at the ground or if not there in person,on the television. Burnley was his Football team and his love of his home town and his roots stayed with him. We walked up Pendle Hill to celebrate his 80th Birthday, walking and the outdoors was another passion of his. It would have been Mum and Dad's 60th Wedding Anniversary on 27th October this year, so we will celebrate for them, and take comfort from the fact that they are now reunited. He will be so missed and we will cherish the memories he left behind. Love always xxxx

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06 Oct 2021

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David Pearson

22 Feb 2021

Always in our thoughts, remembering Dad and Mum who were both cared for so brilliantly by St Peter's Hospice staff.

Mrs Wendy Hawes (1)

07 Feb 2020

Thinking of you now and everyday as always. With love from all your family. Xxx

Mr David Pearson (1)

07 Feb 2020

Thinking of you. Thanks once again to the wonderful St Peter's Hospice team.

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