Brian Dayment

1971 - 2019

In memory of Brian for all the love, help and support offered to us.

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Anonymous (1)

17 Feb 2020

Big hole now where Brian used to be. Despite the sadness at Brian's premature death, it is still impossible to think of him without remembering all the fun and laughter that he brought into all our lives. I can still hear his chirpy voice and see his beaming smile. He joined us on a holiday to Spain back in 1995 and the photo of him with us at the restaurant still adorns the wall in our house/ Au revoir Brian xx

Jaipall Wilson

12 Feb 2020

In loving memory to a great guy. From Jaipall & Family


12 Feb 2020

Brian.. still cant get my head around that your not here anymore . But i know youll always be looking over us. Gonna miss you big man

Heidi Kirley

12 Feb 2020

Rest in peace now lovely Brian. You really were a legend and we'll not forget you. You've given us all so many memories, we'll treasure them x

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