Bristol Business Padel Tournament

Terms and Conditions

Before we step onto the court for an epic day of paddle action, let's breeze through the terms and conditions – because even a charity tournament needs a game plan. Here's the playbook:

Eligibility and responsibility
Minimum age is 16. If you're under 18, bring along a participating adult with parental or guardian permission. They're your event co-pilots. By entering, you agree to follow the rules set by the tournament organisers (St Peter's Hospice – Philanthropy and Partnership Team).

Sportsmanship code
Play nice, respect your fellow competitors, organisers, and the game venue. Let's keep it friendly on and off the court.

Fair play matters
We're all about the fun, but unsportsmanlike behaviour might earn you a timeout. The organisers reserve the right to disqualify for any necessary reason.

Safety first
Your well-being is priority number one. While we aim for fun, participants are responsible for their safety - and we won't be held liable for any unplanned acrobatics!

No need to bring a racket or balls
The venue Rocket Padel will provide rackets and balls for all participants to use that afternoon.

Schedule surprises
The game plan might change. Stay updated on any schedule twists and turns - flexibility is key. After registering, we will email you a week ahead of the tournament, with a plan for the afternoon's activity.

Play the point again
If you have any disagreements about a rally, if in doubt, play the point again; we're here for a fair game, and for people to make new business connections, in a fun and friendly environment.

Charity champions
This tournament is all about charity and having a blast. Keep it light, enjoy the game, and know that every swing supports a great cause. We want to raise as much as we can for the charity on the day, therefore entry fees are non-refundable.

Game day essentials
Water, comfy sports attire, and those indoor sports shoes that make you feel unstoppable – pack them all for an afternoon of paddling action.

Health & safety reminder
Your health, your call. Seek medical advice if you're unsure about your game readiness. We're here for a fun match, not a triathlon.

Snapshots and video consent
We might capture the magic. Cool with that? Great! However, do let us know if you'd rather stay off-camera. If you don't want to feature in any social media posts, please let the organisers know, before the action starts.

Keep an eye on your stuff; there's lockers onsite, so please lock valuables away.

Thanks for being part of the padeling fundraiser, and let's make this tournament a smashing success for the charity!