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Juliet's story

15 Mar 2022

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Juliet and her family wanted to share their experience of care from St Peter's Hospice.

As a part of St Peter's Hospice, the Hospice at Home team provided the most invaluable support to our father and the whole family in the last few weeks of his life.

Terminally ill with different cancers, he wanted to stay at home with his family around him and in familiar surroundings. With no medical knowledge and very little care experience, the family were at a loss on how to keep him comfortable, let alone look after his needs as his body gradually failed.

Roderick, pictured with his grandchildren (now grown up)

Roderick pictured with his grandchildren, now grown up

The wonderful carers from St Peter's Hospice arrived twice daily in pairs - always smiling and friendly, warm, compassionate, and professional. They provided the perfect combination of making Dad happy - even laughing - as well as catering to his needs and leaving him clean and comfortable. Although different carers came on different days, they were all soon a very important part of our day, and became a critical part of our life in the final weeks.

On Dad's last day, the team observed that he did not have much longer and sensitively let us know that morning, with the afternoon team arriving shortly after he passed away - perfect timing to take over from a grieving family not sure what to do next, so Dad could be looked after with dignity and respect even in his death.

Thank you to St Peter's Hospice - particularly to all the Hospice at Home team - who worked tirelessly and brilliantly and will always be remembered fondly by the family.


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