Roger M. Buoy

1945 - 2016

The Most Courageous Warrior. He was Funny, Clever, Difficult, Hilarious, Honest, Magnanimous, Kind, Unwavering, Beautiful, Handsome, Charming, Creative, Hard Working, and a Purveyor of Verbal Shite!

From The Great Gonads to Mon Capitan, Roger lived a fabulous and sensational life, full of adventure, mischief, generosity, courage, and laughter. Irvine and Hild's boy was world champion at Tiddlywinks, Liar's Dice, Monopoly, Test Match, Wembley, and Risk. He lived fast and loved deeply. Forever lifted, he will remain cherished by his family! "It is what it is!" RMB

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Latest comments

Julie Vass

31 Dec 2016

So very saddened to hear of Rogers passing. Thinking of you all and wishing you strength for 2017

Mr Zantore Buoy

07 Dec 2016

To my Dad, Hero and Friend, I love you and miss you enormously

Offline Donation (1)

03 Nov 2016

Kind donation from The Net, Florence, in memory of Roger. Thank you for your support.

Mr Todd Anderson

18 Oct 2016

To my mentor and my friend. I could never thank you enough for what you have done for me. Your presence and your humour will always be with us!

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