Open Gardens at Katherine's Farm

Katherine's Farm Garden

Katherine's Farm Garden was created as a memorial to Katherine Meyer, who died of cancer at St Peter’s Hospice in 2012, aged just 41.

Her father Richard Meyer founded the Cock-a-Doodle-Do Trust to raise money and awareness of the work hospices do, and to celebrate Katherine’s love of gardening and chickens.

The garden is open from 11am - 6pm, with cream teas from 2pm. Tickets are £5, and under 16's go free. 

Please contact Richard for group bookings over 12 - 01453 843329. 

Proceeds will go to St Peter's Hospice, Longfield, Jessie May and Children's Hospice South West.

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Katharine's Farm, Swinhay, Gloucestershire, GL12 7PH


18 Jun 2022

19 June 2022