Living with Illness through Art Therapy

Living with Illness through Art Therapy

11 Apr 2019

Patient Care Stories

"I'd never even picked up a brush before I came here. Richard was here at Day Hospice and he was so kind and gentle - he inspired me to have a go and try painting.

"I went home and practised and bought myself some watercolours and brushes. I brought in what I'd done and Richard spurred me on. I'm more analytical, more of a scientist, but Richard drew art out of me.

"When I'm painting, I'm totally focused – I'm thinking about the painting, not on how I'm feeling. It doesn't matter what you create, it's the process that matters. It's the same with gardening or music – you're using a different part of your brain.

"I have anxiety, but when I feel everything's overwhelming, I get my paints out. A whole afternoon can go by, it's almost like meditation. I now paint every day – I'm addicted! Richard has opened up a whole new avenue for me."

Lesley is a patient at our Day Hospice – she started painting here when she met Richard, our art therapy volunteer. Richard works with our patients by sitting alongside them. Patients watch initially and then start creating their own paintings. He guides them through the basic rules and then they find their own creativity.

Art is one of the many activities and therapies available at our Day Hospice. Our aim is for our patients to have an increased sense of confidence and empowerment in living with their illness.

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