The Midnight Walk

The Midnight Walk Your Way

Join the fun from home in the Midnight Walk Your Way challenge, and complete 5 or 10 miles on a route of your choice.

Customise your walk to suit you by walking a route of your choice over the same weekend, at a time to suit you. Whether you're an early bird completing the miles at the break of dawn or a night owl walking over sunset, you'll see your local area in a different light as you walk.

Entry is £12 and will include a t-shirt and glitter, and there will be virtual messages and warms ups to join in with.

Friends and family who aren't local can now be part of this fundraising challenge and join the fun from wherever they are! We can't wait to once again see our wonderful walkers complete the miles all over the country, supporting St Peter's Hospice in Bristol and beyond. 

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