The Midnight Walk

Get Prepared

Walking 5 or 10 miles overnight is certainly a challenge, but there's plenty of time to get ready for the walk and to take on those miles this September!

Getting fit for the walk

  • Add a lunchtime walk around the block or head out after work, whether you're back in the office or still working from home. You can track your walk using an app like Strava to know how many miles you’ve done and how fast you’re doing it
  • Take your dog on a longer walk than usual and discover new areas around you to explore
  • Try some fitness classes online, like Joe Wickes’ PE classes on youtube – they’re a tough work out!
  • Take on a stairs challenge and climb up and down your flight of stairs
  • Listen to a podcast or create a motivating playlist and ask friends to add songs to it to give you something great to listen to while out training

On the day

  • It’s festival year, so dig out your most sparkly and colourful gear! Hats, bumbags, glitter...make your Midnight Walk outfit one to remember!
  • Get a good pair of shoes that are comfortable to walk in and practise in them to make sure they’re worn in
  • Pack some food for fuel, water for hydration, waterproofs and extra layers for the British weather, plasters for possible sore feet and some extra hand sanitiser too