The Midnight Walk

Get Fundraising

There are so many ways to raise vital funds for St Peter's Hospice! You can collect sponsorship, hold an event like a quiz or collect up your loose change in a collection box. Whatever you decide to do, fundraising for the Hospice will make taking part in The Midnight Walk feel even more special. 

The Midnight Walk is one of our biggest fundraising events of the year, which makes it costly to organise. Your entry fee covers our event costs, such as the t-shirts, venue, toilets and more. This means we really need your donations, fundraising and sponsorship to support our patients and make a difference for families across greater Bristol.

Get Sponsored!

The easiest way to start fundraising is to set up an online giving page like JustGiving. You can make your page here, it’s quick to set up and you can personalise it with photos, updates and the story of what you’re doing and why. Plus all the money kindly donated to your page comes directly to the Hospice without you having to do anything or chase anyone for cash - perfect!

Share your page on social media to spread the word to all your friends and family about your challenge.

We'll send you a sponsorship form to pass around your local group, school, street or workplace too. You might even tell your sponsors that if you raise a certain amount, you’ll complete the walk in fancy dress...!

Midnight Walk 2021

The Midnight Walk

Gift Aid

Don’t forget to gift aid it! Ask your sponsors to fill in their home address and tick the gift aid box on the sponsorship form and on your online giving page. If we can claim gift aid, we get an extra 25%! Just think - if you raise £100 and everyone ticked the box then you’ve actually raised £125 for us.

Hold a Fundraiser

If you or a friend has a talent, how about live streaming it in return for donations? From putting on a yoga session to singing, leading a cooking session to teaching viewers how to juggle - whatever your talent, get your virtual community involved.

Hold a quiz night for friends and family, in your local pub or even online like on Zoom or on Facebook Live.  There are loads of quiz questions available to download online or you can put your own together. If you’re not a fan of a quiz, how about holding a bingo night instead?

Get your colleagues involved with a fancy dress Friday! Set a theme, wear a funky hat, or dress down in return for a donation. Add a cake sale at lunch time for some bonus pounds raised.

Collect up Some Cash

Make an empty jam jar your Midnight Walk pot and add your loose change after each shop, or add in to it the amount that you would usually spend on petrol, your morning coffee, a round of drinks or a gym class every week. You’ll be surprised at how quickly it adds up!

How to Pay in Your Sponsorship Money

There are lots of ways that you can get your wonderful sponsorship money into us. If you’ve fundraised through an online giving page like JustGiving then it will come to us automatically without you having to do anything at all! You can also pay it straight to us through our website and let us know that it’s your sponsorship money, or you can also send us a cheque to the Long Ashton office.

Thank you for fundraising for St Peter’s Hospice. The money you raise is vital to support patients and families get the care, advice, support and guidance that they need in the most difficult of times. Your support will help local people from Keynsham to Portishead, Thornbury to Fishponds with medical needs, as well as with bereavement and counselling support.

Get in touch with us for any fundraising advice, tips and ideas on Good luck!