The Midnight Walk Your Way

Get Prepared

Even if we're still at home, with our hints and tips you can still get ready for the walk over the summer and ready to take on those miles this autumn.

Get ready for the miles

  • Listen to a podcast or create a motivating playlist and ask friends to add songs to it to give you something great to listen to while out training
  • If you’re working from home now, add a lunchtime walk around the block to your routine or head out after work. You can track your walk using an app like Strava to know how many miles you’ve done and how fast you’re doing it
  • Take your dog on a longer walk than usual and discover new areas around you to explore
  • Walk laps of your garden for half an hour and get the kids involved too
  • Join an online workout class to get fit from your living room
  • Take on a stairs challenge and climb up and down your flight of stairs

Choose your route

Discover your local area and walk your favourite paths, find new streets you’ve never been down before, or go somewhere completely new and explore a new area!

Plot out your route on google maps or to know the distance that you’re going and make sure you’re clocking up the right amount of miles.

On the day

Whether you’re walking over sunrise or sunset, check out our Facebook event page and website before you go to to see our messages and videos for some extra motivation and to remember what you’re walking for. Get pumped up ready with our online warm up too!

If you’re using Strava to track your walk, make sure to also link your Strava to your Justgiving page so your supporters can see what you’ve achieved.

We recommended you take the following with you:

  • Your Midnight Walk t-shirt and the brightest, funnest outfit you have
  • Comfortable trainers or walking boots
  • Lots of water
  • Enough food to keep you going, including energy bars or similar snacks
  • Suitable wet weather clothing and layers for the typical British weather
  • Fully charged mobile phone
  • Hand sanitiser
  • Map of your route

Enjoy your walk, knowing that you’re making a difference for local patients and their families with every kilometre you complete.

Cross your finishline triumphantly and make sure to capture a proud photo. Upload your photo onto the Facebook event page and send it to us on Facebook on by email to show you’ve completed the challenge.

Now sit back and put your feet up!



Midnight Walk 4 - couple


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