Christmas Tree Collection

What happens to my Christmas Tree after it's collected?

It becomes part of the Wood Wide Web.

You can be assured your tree will be fully recycled, as once collected it will be shredded by our teams of arborists working in our growing network of allotments, usually within the same postcode where it was picked up, saving time and mileage. Or it will be taken to the Hospice garden, a haven of peace and calm for patients and their families. The wood chips from your tree have several invaluable uses as they produce threads of natural fungal elements, sometimes known as the wood wide web.

The wood chip produced from your tree will be used to create pathways or mixed with other green waste to make excellent compost. This compost when spread as a mulch over vegetable beds prevents soil erosion and helps retain moisture thereby reducing the need to water plants frequently. The fungal elements of the wood chip help feed the soil which plant roots thrive on, producing better harvests. Time is also saved with easier and less weeding and the use of synthetic fertilisers is completely eliminated.

Christmas Tree recycling