Social Support Group

Social Support Group

Would you like to have the opportunity to find out how other people in a similar situation to you are coping?

We are using zoom to get people together to share experiences and ways of managing. We will provide you with an opportunity to get support and information in a positive and uplifting way.

Each zoom group will meet for 1 hour each week for 8 weeks and we can help you set up and use zoom if it is unfamiliar to you.

Feedback from patients shows just how powerful this programme can be...

Patient: "I find the companionship of similarly placed people very comforting."

Patient: "I know actual face to face meetings can't occur, but seeing each other on Zoom and being able to talk is such a relief."

Patient: "The virtual face to face was great for morale."

Please call our 24 hour clinical advice line on 0117 915 9430 or complete the form below if you would like to join us.