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Barbara volunteers at our City Centre shop

30 Sep 2020

Volunteer Stories

Barbara is a second year medical student at Bristol University and as part of her degree she had to undertake a number of volunteering hours. She was no newcomer to this though, as before she moved to Bristol she had volunteered in a charity shop in her home town of Shropshire.

"I joined the team in the City Centre shop in March, and I was able to be really flexible, helping out with whatever hours or days were needed. I soon realised how much I enjoyed the work, and even though I had completed the number of hours needed for my degree, I have carried on volunteering.

"I already supported the shop by donating and of course I love shopping here! I live really close by, so it works well, and from October when I’m back at Uni, I’ll be swapping my volunteering days to the weekend shifts.

"It’s just so rewarding helping out in the shop. I feel I give so little time, but get so much back in return. The team here are really fun and the time flies. Talking to people from all walks of life is very humbling at times, and uplifting at others. With our regular customers and the team here, it’s like being part of a big family, which is incredible.

"I was so happy to get back to the shop when it re-opened after lockdown. I’d been in a flat with two other people, so being able to get out and talk to other people and keep occupied was a blessing. I had no concerns at all about safety. The team here already had lots of processes in place to ensure everyone was safe, and the training was really good.

"So if you’re at home and wondering what to do, it’s really worth volunteering for St Peter’s Hospice. Any amount of time you can give helps them so much."

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