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The Hospice looks to the Future with the Help of our Supporters

04 Oct 2021

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The Hospice has been looking to the future after a successful 12 month fundraising campaign.

The Hospice was severely impacted by the effects of the pandemic and faced financial uncertainty and the temporary closure of Inpatient Unit beds and Day Services. Despite everything, we managed to keep services running, in person, over the phone and virtually, caring for nearly 3,000 patients and their families over the past year.

With the help of supporters and government funding, we have started to plan the reopening of all beds within our Inpatient Unit as well as reviewing the future of Day Services to make them as effective and accessible as possible.

An Update from Stephen Merchant

Hospice supporter Stephen Merchant gives an update on our When It Matters Most fundraising campaign and how you can continue to support the Hospice.

The Hospice is looking to the future and the challenges of funding care with continuing demand. We will be looking at ways to provide more community services that will benefit patients and their families, be it at the end of the phone, virtually or in the place that they call home.

Our Chief Executive, Frank Noble said: "The sun is now shining over the horizon. We ended the financial year in a better position than we imagined. This was down to the When It Matters Most appeal and the incredible generosity and support of the people of Bristol who once again came to our aid and the cost saving measures we had to put in place.

"We are now in a position to work towards re-opening the beds at the inpatient unit. This will take place over the coming months as we now need to recruit clinical staff, healthcare assistants and cleaners."

On day services, Frank said: "We are working with the wider healthcare system to see what services they are providing in different localities. It may be that we end up delivering day services in the local community and it is something we are currently working through."

Frank said the last 18 months for the hospice had been some of the most challenging the charity has ever faced.

"It has been a horrendous year for the hospice. Despite having 55 clinical staff off over the summer we still managed to look after 3,000 people in the last 12 months and maintain services.

"The When It Matters Most campaign has been integral in keep us going. Not just financially but emotionally due to amazing level of support we received from the local community. That support kept us going through the toughest of times.

"We are in balance and are covering all our costs. We have seen our fundraising events return and people continue to support us by making donations and shopping at our shops. The work of St Peter's Hospice is only achievable because of the generosity of the people of Bristol and beyond."

The work of the Hospice is only achievable because of the generosity of the people of Bristol and beyond. There are plenty of ways to get involved and continue to show your support:

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