Lotto results for 4th September 2020

Lotto results for 4th September 2020

04 Sep 2020

Local Lotto Results

Thank you so much for your continued support & patience in these difficult times, it is so very much appreciated.

Here are the Lotto results for our 4th September 2020 draw:

Our rollover has not been won this week and now stands at £1650 for the next draw.

This week’s lucky £1000 winner is Mrs N of BS21 on ticket No 53059.

Our 10 runners up, who have each won £10, are play numbers: 6920, 75954, 28645, 38036, 45784, 73496, 3219, 64224, 48689, 73810.

Huge congratulations to all our winners!

What to do if you win: You don’t have to do a thing; we will automatically send your cheque to you. But it’s really important to keep us up to date with any changes to your address or phone number.

Have you moved and not told us? If so you may have won but we can’t get in touch! - If any of these are your play Nos please give us a call on 01275 391115 so we can check if you’re a winner!

Draw 3rd January 2020 Play Nos: 51944 & 5177

Draw 10th January 2020 Play No: 32625

Draw 31st January 2020 Play No: 46217

Draw 7th February 2020 Play No: 63149

Draw 21st February 2020 Play Nos: 77243 & 65817

Draw 28th February 2020 Play No: 32250

Draw 10th April 2020 Play No: 75918

Draw 24th April 2020 Play Nos: 35862 & 38807

Draw 15th May 2020 Play No: 64718

Draw 5th June 2020 Play Nos: 30327 & 6767

Draw 26th June 2020 Play Nos: 88034 & 65575

Draw 17th July 2020 Play No: 40036

Draw 4th September 2020 Play No: 3219

Previous Draw results: If you would like to check the results for any of our previous draws please get in touch.

Many thanks, as always, to all players and single ticket holders who continue to support St Peters Hospice. Your support and contribution is immensely appreciated.

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