Are you a winner? Draw 670 on 24 June 2022 - Results are in!

Are you a winner? Draw 670 on 24 June 2022 - Results are in!

24 Jun 2022

Local Lottery Results

All this week's winners are known to us:

£1000 jackpot
RK, BS8 – Play Number: 44836

£100 prize
MH, BS7 – Play Number: 63432

£20 shop voucher
PG, BS13 – Play Number: 6837

Huge congratulations to all our winners!

What to do if you win: You don't have to do a thing if you're a member and pay by direct debit; we'll contact you to let you know you've won or post you a cheque directly. If you have purchased a single ticket, you will need to contact us to let us know you hold a winning number. Ring us on 01275 391 115.

On the move? Let us know: If you are moving please let us know your new address and changes to any contact details so we can amend our records. If you think we might not have your up to date information just get in touch and we will happily check.

Unclaimed prizes: Listed below are all unclaimed winning lottery numbers. If you hold one of the winning tickets below, phone us on 01275 391115 to claim your prize. 

Draw 646 - 07/01/22 - Play No: 76022
Draw 655 - 11/03/22 - Play No: 58523
Draw 661 - 22/04/22 - shop ticket 103521 (Bedminster shop)
Draw 662 - 29/04/22 - Play No: 31814
Draw 664 - 13/05/22 - shop ticket 106513 (Thornbury shop)
Draw 667 - 07/06/22 - shop ticket 107507 (Clifton shop)
Draw 668 - 10/06/22 - shop ticket 107502 (Clifton shop)
Draw 669 – 17/06/22 - shop ticket 105042 (Nailsea shop)

Many thanks, as always, to all our regular players and single ticket holders who continue to support us through these difficult times. Your support and contribution is immensely appreciated.

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