Are you a winner? Check out our Lotto results for 11th June 2021

Are you a winner? Check out our Lotto results for 11th June 2021

11 Jun 2021

Local Lottery Results

This week’s lucky £1000 winner is Mrs F of BS34 on ticket No 50368.

Our 10 runners up, who have each won £10, are play numbers: 18306, 92773, 41131, 71892, 37816, 11891, 49833, 2185, 78693, 67162.

Huge congratulations to all our winners!

What to do if you win: You don’t have to do a thing; Winnings are paid by cheque and we will automatically send this to you.

On the move? Let us know: If you are moving please let us know your new address and changes to any contact details so we can amend our records. If you think we might not have your up to date information just get in touch and we will happily check.

Listed below are all the winning play numbers where we have not been so fortunate. If you think it might be you give us a call, we would be very happy to check for you. If we are unable to contact a winner after 6 months the prize money will be donated back to the Hospice.

Draw 595 - 15/01/21 - Play No: 39380
Draw 596 - 22/01/21 - Play No: 87892
Draw 597 - 29/01/21 - Play No: 28469
Draw 602 - 05/03/21 - Play No: 16561
Draw 608 - 19/04/21 - Play No: 39115
Draw 615 - 04/06/21 - Play No: 13725
Draw 617 - 18/06/21 - Play Nos: 53058 & 75433

Previous Draw results: If you would like to check the results for any of our previous draws please get in touch. We will happily provide you with details.

Many thanks, as always, to all our regular players and single ticket holders who continue to support us through these difficult times. Your support and contribution is immensely appreciated.

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