Patient Experience

Patient Experience

St Peter's Hospice is committed to continually strengthening the way it engages with people who use its services. This includes patients, carers, healthcare professionals and the wider public. We want to learn from your experience, hear what we are doing well, and importantly how we might be able to improve both now and in the future.

We use a range of approaches to measure satisfaction including 'I Want Great Care' (iWGC), reviewing compliments, comments, concerns and complaints.

iWGC report monthly to St Peter's Hospice on each service area and also give an overview and star rating out of 5 of all services. We continue to be reviewed positively and our reviews are available on the I Want Great Care website.

Any feedback received is collated centrally and shared with the different departments within the Hospice in order that they can take appropriate action and make changes and improvements where appropriate.
We greatly value the feedback that patients and families give to us. On our patient and family information boards we display the feedback we have received. This includes 'You said we did' posters to communicate and celebrate positive changes we make as a result of these comments.

Patient experience is reported in our quarterly governance reports, Annual Report and Quality Account.

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